Something New for your Fall Wardrobe

Copper jewelry is great all year round, but especially in the Fall. It is warm, comforting and casual. It reminds you of sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. It goes really well with your Friday casuals and your Saturday jeans. Whether you are at work, shopping, or you are a soccer mom, copper jewelry will always look good. This pendant is especially appropriate because it is a natural stone, a geode. It is wire wrapped with a special copper enameled wire that has a nylon coating; it does not require polishing.

With the current style of mixing metals, you can choose to wear your pendant on a silver or gold chain or even an omega necklace up to 3/4″ wide. A black suede cord would also be nice for the Fall.

The copper wire is a very complimentary to the blue-greens in the geode.
The pendant is about 2″ wide and 3 1/2″ long. It is not heavy and will hang nicely from your chain and maintain a balance so it will never look askew on your neck. It is only $25.00 and will come to you in a gift wrapped box via USPS priority mail. Most of my jewelry is unique, and I only have one of these blue-green geode pendants. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you.

Ode to Morning Joe

Oh, Morning Joe
Let me tell you
How seducing you are.

Your beguiling, gurgling alarm,
As the last of you drips into the pot,
Is a soothing call to launch another day.

Your robust, aromatic perfume
Lures me to the kitchen
Anticipating your hearty brew.

Your deep, dark petroleum,
Not defiled by milk or sugar,
Fulfills your promise of energy and excitement.

Your steamy, warm liquid
So hot it could burn my tongue
Heats my hands as I cradle you in my mug.

Nothing can surpass My Morning Joe.

Gruesome, Funny, Paranormal,Romantic, and a Mystery -“You’ve Got Tail” by Renee George

I just read the first book in Renee George’s paranormal series of books about people who live in a small town in Missouri.  Peculiar, Mo., is inhabited by people who are shape-shifters.  They usually are people, but they shift at least once a month into an animal.  Some are racoons, deer, bear, squirrels, birds, etc.  Only people who are shape shifters are supposed to live here. Chav, a werewolf, returns to Peculiar from California where she lived with her friend, a psychic, Ambrosia Sunshine.  Only shape-shifters are supposed to live in Peculiar.  However, after a short time in Peculiar, Chav sends a message to her friend, Ambrosia Sunshine, a pyschic, asking Ambrosia to come and help her search for her older brother who disappeared mysteriously and suddenly. Only shape-shifters are allowed to live in Peculiar, and Ambrosia, who does not know about shape-shifters, feels very unwelcome. The rest of the story is the search for Chav’s brother along with other people who have mysteriously disappeared over the years.   The ending is somewhat gruesome and totally fitting with the story and the shape-shifters.  If you want a fun read and are willing to suspend belief for a while, I recommend it highly.  I’m on to the second book in the series – “Thank you for not shifting”.