Finally, I’m back to doing!

I’ve finally returned to making jewelry.  I’ve been neglecting this for a few weeks while I’ve been working on my house.  I really miss doing the jewelry, and after a while, when I don’t do it, I get down.   It is a great love, and I would do it even if I did not sell it.  This is a fun bracelet to make and looks good on my wrist.  It molds to fit the wrist, so it stays in place.  There is no clasp.

So now all I have to do is get my web site updated with some new things.

Thanks for any comments .

Winter Vacation Here I come

New wire wrapped pendants today
New wire wrapped pendants today

Even though I live in central Virginia and Winter has not really gotten here yet, it’s been cold this year. Colder than last year at this time. I am ready for sunshine and warmer breezes, palm trees and sand. Florida is really calling me. Getting there is another matter, though. When you’re going to be gone for a few months, packing is a lot of work. Since I am a crafter and love to make jewelry as well as other crafts, I have to take all the items for these activities with me as well as the standard things to take on a trip. My sister and I go together in our RV, and we have a great time. We both love to drive it. She takes her cat, Didi, and I take my dog, Bradley. Didi is about 12 lbs., and Bradley is 20 lbs. He’s a ShihTzu mix. Our pets seem to have an agreement when they travel together. They ignore each other as much as it’s possible to do in a 30′ RV, and when they have to be near each other, they keep a keen eye out. Every now and then Didi gives Bradley a growl, just to keep him on his feet.
Both my sister sell out jewelry at craft fairs. This year for the first time since we’ve been going to Florida, we are going to try selling at a few craft fairs near us in Florida and see how we do. I enjoy doing craft fairs, talking with people, and selling what I make. It’s fun, and it’s great to get different viewpoints about my jewelry and other topics.
Today, I took a break from packing and made some new wire wrapped pendants. The gemstones are very interesting. They have forrest green veins in a green-gray translucent background. Each is wrapped somewhat differently. You can see more information about the pendants at