Recovering my Outdoor Furniture Set

I have a set of wicker furniture that I use on my screened in porch.  The set needs new cushions including foam and batting as well as the fabric.  I’ve been putting off doing them because it’s quite a bit of work to get the covers onto the foam and either sew up the eam or put a zipper in.

Instead of covering cushions with fabric slip covers, I plan to buy a piece of wood to use as a base for the foam and batting.  Then I will put on the fabric and staple to the underside of the wood.  As far as I can think, this would be ok except that the cushions would not be reversible. It seems that this be easier and faster to do it this way, and I would use less fabric because there is no bottom.  I am debating about putting cording around the base of the cushion or just rounding the edge.

I don’t think the cushions would sit higher off the floor because I would not use a think piece of wood, just enough to hold the staples.

If anyone’s done this or has any comments I would appreciate it.




Potato Soup

Warm and a little spicy potato soup

The potato soup I made came out really well.  But I made some changes.  First I added a cup of carrots, because I really like carrots.  Then I sauteed the onions, carrots and celery in olive oil before adding the cut up potato and the chicken broth.  I let that cook about 30 minutes, until the potatoes were done.   Next I added the corn starch mixed with about 1/4 cup water to thicken the  soup. Then, because I don’t like all the calories and fat, I used 2 cups of skim milk. And last I added about 1/2 t cajun seasoning because I like it a little hot.  Not quite as creamy, but still very good.


New Necklace – Abalone (paua) shell


Finally, I am back to writing my blog.  I like to keep track of my thoughts and this is the best way for me to do it.  It’s a beautiful, sunny day here at Lake Anna.  I am looking forward to my children and grandchild coming for the weekend.  I have to get the boat cleaned up today and get it started.  Hopefully, I won’t have too much trouble.  I also have to get some gas for it.  Weekends at the Lake are wonderful.

Today I posted a necklace I made for the Summer.  It’s abalone shell also known as paua shell.  It has great colors of iridescent blue, green and some white.  I think it will go great for a lot of Summer events like picnics, pool parties (without going in the pool), and with a  cool sundress.  More information about the necklace is available at my website:

I will take some pictures of the lake and boat and post them later.