First Jewelry Collection

I am very excited because I have finally completed my first jewelry collection.  In the past I have not been accepted into shows because I did not have a collection – but instead had a lot of unrelated pieces of jewelry.  They were beautiful, but did not meet the criteria.

Now that I understand what is meant by a collection, I realize that it makes sense to make a collection.  This collection is composed of Ruby Jade Gemstones and wire work.  It includes necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  They are in various styles and at different price points between $10.00 and $45.00.  This means that if someone wants something in Ruby Jade, they have several options to choose from, and there are several price points from which to pick.  Based on their need and their budget, they have several options to choose to make up their unique set.

My next step is to take pictures and post them on the website and on my blog.  Hopefully, my friends will like them and forward the pictures to their friends.  I would be very happy if some of them will sell from my website, and some will sell at my next craft show.  I’ll update my blog here with pictures as they are available.

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