Recovering my Outdoor Furniture Set

I have a set of wicker furniture that I use on my screened in porch.  The set needs new cushions including foam and batting as well as the fabric.  I’ve been putting off doing them because it’s quite a bit of work to get the covers onto the foam and either sew up the eam or put a zipper in.

Instead of covering cushions with fabric slip covers, I plan to buy a piece of wood to use as a base for the foam and batting.  Then I will put on the fabric and staple to the underside of the wood.  As far as I can think, this would be ok except that the cushions would not be reversible. It seems that this be easier and faster to do it this way, and I would use less fabric because there is no bottom.  I am debating about putting cording around the base of the cushion or just rounding the edge.

I don’t think the cushions would sit higher off the floor because I would not use a think piece of wood, just enough to hold the staples.

If anyone’s done this or has any comments I would appreciate it.




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