AMBER – A Favorite Gemstone

It’s time to update my progress with the colorful and eye-catching Amber cabs I got from Mexico. Here is the lot of cabs I started with

Lot of Amber Cabs from Mexico

Here’s a close up of the one cab that’s missing from this picture

Here’s what I’ve done so far

Eye catching, colorful Amber Cabs wrapped in Silver Plated, Copper and Gun Metal Wire

I’m making progress. I still have about 6 or 7 to go. Some of these are really small – about 1″ in length including the bail. The longest one (the bottom on the left) is 2 1/4″ in length and about 3/4″ wide. Most of them are about 1-1/2″. They are all very lightweight and as you can see pretty transparent.

As you can see from the top right and left, I’ve branched (pun intended) out into making fancier pendants and using additional beads with the Amber cabs. This is a challenging exercise as I don’t want all of them to be the same. I hope you enjoy looking at my cabs. Please share any thoughts, questions or comments.

Spiral Beaded Jewelry

Spiral bracelet with caramel, golden tan and chocolate focal bead
Luscious Caramel, Golden Tan and deep Chocolate Bead on Crisp White Background
and chocolate beads spiraling around a white core


I’ve become enamored with the spiral beading technique. As you can see above, you have a core of beads, in this case white, with a different color spiraling around it. I’m not sure why I came to delve into this technique. But I can’t seem to stop.

The bracelet above I made with chocolate-colored beads spiraling around a white core. I put silver findings including a lobster clasp on this bracelet.

If you had an obsession with something, please let me know how you got over it. There really are other things I would like to do.

Thank you

New Glass Pendants

Great color combination of Turquoise, Golden Yellow and a bit of White glass pendant in Silver-Plated Tarnish resistant wire or bronze wire. Great all year round color combination, and especially perfect colors for your Summer outfits. Casual, contemporary designs with a minimum of silver plated wire. Great for yourself or as a gift.

Father’s Day

Just a gently reminder – Father’s Day is June 20th. If your father is not with you consider a donation to his favorite charity or give it some one your time on his day. Thanks


Classy pendant rose quartz wire wrapped in brass 1 1/2″ dia. With glass beads Fashionable and affordable

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